The Maryland Guide - February 2, 2023

The Maryland Guide • 2-2-23 Auctioneer: Dave Allen 410-835-0384 or 302-545-1903 View Website for Additional Information, Terms, Directions, Online Bidding, & Pictures! THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE 17th Annual Firearm&Men’s Night Auction! Pg. 2 SHOTGUNS Over/Under Shotguns: B. R iz z ini/ I mp By Sig A rms, I nc. A urora T R 40 .410 G A , Browning A rms C o. 325 G R A DE 1 Plus Sporting 12 G A , Browning A rms C o. X S SK EET 12 G A , Browning A rms C o. Special Sporting C lays 12 G A , Browning A rms C o. C itori 12 G A , Browning A rms C o. L ightning Superposed 12 G A , T wo E.R . A mantino/ I mp By Stoeger C ondor I .410 G A , E.R . A mantino/ I mp By Stoeger C ondor-I 20 G A , FI A S 20 G A O / U, K ayhan A rthemis/ I my By Mossberg I ntl. Silver Reserve II 28 GA, Lanber Expulsor 12 GA, SKB 685 Field 28 Ga, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Red Label 12 GA, Sun City Machinery Co./Imp. By Savage Arms Inc./Stevens M301 .410 GA, Torun-Hatfield Gun Co./Imp. By Savage Arms Co. Stevens 512 Gold Wings 28 GA, Utas USA/Hatfield Gun Co. Field .410 G A , W eatherby O rion 12 G A Pump Action Shotguns: A kkar/ I mp By C Z , USA 628 28 G A , A kkar/ I mp. By C Z -USA 628 Field Select 28 G A , A sena A rms/ I mp By G -Force A rms FG F2P 12 G A , Huglu Makine/ I mp By T r. I mports X M15 MA R I NE 12 G A , Miroku/ I mp By Browning A rms C o. BPS Field 28 G A , Mossberg 510 Bantam .410 G A , Noble Mfg. Co. Westernfield XNH 480J .410 GA, Remington Arms Co. 870 Express 28 GA, Remington Arms Co. 31 12 GA, Remington Arms Co. 870 Wingmaster 12 GA, Remington Arms Co. 870 Express DM Predator 12 GA, Sun City Machinery Co./Imp. By Savage Arms Inc STEVENS 320 12 GA, Sun City Machinery Co./Imp. By Savage A rms I nc. Stevens 320 12 G A , W inchester 25 12 G A , W inchester R epeating A rms C o. 1893 12 G A , W inchester 1300 X T R 12 G A , Semi Auto Shotguns: A selkon/ I mp. By A dco. C ia I T -1 12 G A , A selkon/ I mp. By A dco C ia I T -1 12 G A , Benelli A rmi Spa./ I mp. By Benelli USA Super, Black Eagle II 12 GA, Browning Arms Co. B/2000 Magnum 12 GA, Franchi/Imp. By Benelli USAAffinty 3.5 12 GA, Hatsan Arms Co./Imp. By Hatsan USA, Inc. ESCORT DF12 12 G A , K ayhan A rmsan/ I mp. By Mossberg I ntl. SA -28 28 G A , K ral/ I mp By T ri-Star A rms C ompact T actical 12 G A , Mossberg SA -28 28 G A , R emington A rms C o. Mdl. 11-48 28 GA, Utas USA/Hatfield Gun Co. SAS 410 .410 GA, Utas USA/Hatfield Gun Co. SAS 28 28 GA Single Shot Shotgun: Davenport C olumbia 12 G A , R ossi/ I mp. By Braz tech I ntl. Single Shot .410 G A , Harrington & R ichardson Bay State .410 G A , H& R 1871 Pardner SB1P45 .410 G A , I ver J ohnson A & C W C hampion 12 G A , W inchester 37 12 G A , W inchester R epeating A rms C o. 37 .410 G A , SXS Shotgun: E. Amarantino/Imp. By Stoeger, Inc. Coach Gun 12 GA, Four Savage Arms Fox Mdl. B 12/20 GA Shotguns, Savage Arms–Stevens 311A 12 GA, Savage A rms – Stevens 311 Series F .410 G A , G aucha-I ga/ I mp By Stoeger, I nc Uplander 28 G A , I thaca G un C o. L efever Nitro Special 12 G A , R anger SBS BBL 16 G A , W estern A rms C o. L ong R ange Dbl. BBL 16 G A , W inchester 24 20 G A . W m Parkhurst SBS Dbl. BBL 12 G A Bolt Action Shotgun: Stevens - Sears & R oebuck 24 .410 G A , Savage A rms C o. Stevens 59A .410 G A Black Powder Shotgun: Pa Fabier Baltimore Percussion Muz z le loader shotgun 8 G A . Unknown Maker SBS Black powder Shotgun 12 G A HANDGUNS Double Action Revolvers: Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg, Co. Trooper .22 LR, Colt’s P.T.F.A. Mfg. Co. Official Police .38 SPCL, Harrington & Richardson, Inc 999 Sportsman .22 L R , Nambu 26 Standard Production 9 MM, Smith & W esson K 22 - 3rd Model .22 C al, Smith & W esson Mod 19-3 .357 Mag, Smith & Wesson Governor .410/.45 LC/ .45 ACP, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc Security Six Mdl. 717 .357 Mag., Sturm, Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Rem. Mag, Taurus I ntl./ I mp. By T aurus J udge 4510 .410/ .45 L C / .45 A C P., H. W eihrauch A rminus HW 7 .22 C al. Lower: A nderson Manufacturing A M-15 MUL T I C omplete L ower Single Action Revolvers: Heritage Mfg. C o. R O UG H R I DER .22/ .22 MA G , Sturm, R uger & C o., I nc. Super Blackhawk .44 R EM MA G , Sturm, R uger & C o., I nc. Single Six .22 LR, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. New Mdl Blackhawk .45 COLT, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Blackhawk .357 Mag/ Semi Auto Pistols: A stra Unceta Y C ompania SA C amper .22 Short, A stra Unceta Y C ompania SA Model 202/ 3 Firecat Engraved 6.35mm/ .25 A C P, Bohmische W affenfabrik ( C Z ) 27 7.65 MM, C arl W alther W affenfabrick- Manurhin/ I mp. By C ai PP 7.65 MM, Femaru-Fegyver ( Feg) 37 7.65 MM Garate Anitua & Cia 1915 8 MM, Glock/Imp. By Glock Inc. Mdl. 19 Gen 3 9 MM, Glock/ Imp. By Glock Inc. Glock 43 OD 9, G48 Exclusive “Sugar Skull White & Black” 9 MM, G lock/ I mp. By G lock I nc. G 43X “ Black C herry & Paisley” 9 MM, G lock G 42 .380 A C P, G lock/ I mp. By G lock I nc. G 43X “ Mandala w/ Purple Pearl” 9 MM, High Standard Supermatic C itation 106 .22 L R , I ver J ohnson T P Series 22 .22 C al, I W I / Mangnum R esearch Desert Eagle X iX .50 A E, K EL -T EC C NC , PL R -22, Manufacture D’ armes De Bayonne ( Mab) D T ype 1 7.65 MM, Manufacture D’ armes Des Pyrenees Hendaye Uniq ue 7.65 MM, Mauser W erk A .G . HSC 7.65 MM, Mauser/ I mp. By R . G uns P38 BY F 44 7.65 MM, Nambu 94 8 MM, Nambu T ype 14 8 MM, P. Beretta/ I mp. By A rmamentos 1934 .380 C al., Sturm, R uger & C o., I nc. Mark I V 22/ 45 .22 L R , T aurus I nt. Mfg./ I mp. By T aurus A rms G 2S 9 MM, T aurus I nt. Mfg./ I mp. By T aurus A rms G 2S 9 MM, T isas/ I mp. By SDS 1911 Duty B45 .45 A C P, W affenfabrik W alther PP 7.65 MM, Black Powder Pistol: Unknown T urkish Maker Flintlock Pistol .45 C al Ammunition: Thousands of rounds of Rifle, Handgun and Shotgun ammo. Rifle Ammo from .17 HMR to .416 Rigby. Pistol Ammo from .22 S/L/LR to .50 Action Express. Shotshell ammo including .410, 20 GA, 16 GA, 12 GA & 10 GA. Bows/Crossbows: Parker C ompound Bow, T en Point Stealth X L T C rossbow w/ Scope, Devastator C ompound C rossbow w/ scope. Swords/Bayonets/Knives: Japanese Type 30 Rifle Bayonet, US Civil War Era Spike Bayonet, French M1886/93/16 Lebel Spike Bayonet, French M1866 Chassepot Sword Bayonet, German/Prussian Imperial NCO Officer Dress sword. Misc. Fixed Blade & Folding Pen Knives. Nazi/German items: 1943 G erman Naz i A rmy Hand Book, Patches, R are G erman Naz i poker C ard/ Ship set, Naz i Military T raining T ank top shirt, W W I I small car flag 10” x 12”. 1944 German Nazi Paper Document with Nazi seal and German Nazi Eagle Book end, Arm Bands, Japanese Items: J apanese W W I I C anteen with original US Navy R eceiving Barracks letter of provenance, J apanese W W I I I mperial “ Meatball” silk flag (good to excellent condition) approximately 25” x 39” Firearm/Shooting/Hunting Accessories: 20+ Hard & Soft Rifle Cases, Two 12 GA Remington 11-87 28” VR Barrels, Browning A5 12 GA 24” BBL, 7.5” & 11” AR Pistol Uppers in .300 Blackout, Misc. Holsters, Magazines, Accessories, Meopta Meostar S1 75 Straight Vanguard Spotting Scope with H75 20-60x Eyepiece, T ripod, K asco Marine, I nc. Mdl. F3400 De-I cer/ W ater agitator, C amo j ackets & more. Rifle Scopes: Hawke Vantage 3-9x50mm Riflescope, Bushnell Banner 3-9x50mm, Two Aim Sports 4x32mm compact scopes, Hawke Vantage IR 3-9x50mm, Sniper Precision Optics by Presma Inc. LT 6-24x50mm, Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44mm, Two Firefield 10-40x50mm, Vortex 4-12x44mm Copperhead, Two Vortex Crossfire II 6-18x44mm, Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18x44mm, Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50mm, Sig Sauer Whiskey 5 1-5x20mm. Terms Personal Property: Cash, Visa/MC/Amex/Discover or approved check. 13% Buyer Premium. 3% Discount for payment with cash or check. For Live onsite bidders. 18% Buyer Premium for all Online/Absentee/Phone Bids. All property is sold “As Is, Where Is”, and All Sales are Final. Property is open to thorough public inspection. I t is the Bidder’ s responsibility to determine condition, age genuineness, authenticity, value or any other determinative factor. A & M A uctioneers and A ppraisers, L L C may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the phone, on the I nternet and at the auction but makes no representations. I n no event shall Allen & Marshall Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole j udge of value. A uction conducted inside of our 10,000 sq . ft. facility. Some seating provided. A ll State and Federal Firearms laws will be complied with. FFL will be on-site to process req uired paperwork. Required Gun Paperwork: All modern firearms will be transferred through a licensed FFL dealer, who will be on site, to process the required paperwork to transfer the firearms. A transfer fee will be collected by the FFL dealer. Our FFL can transfer Modern Rifles/Shotguns to Residents of MD, DE, VA, WV & PA. If you live out of Maryland and purchase a pistol or banned firearm the firearm(s) must be transferred to a FFL Dealer in your state to process the required paperwork. FFL dealers must bring an original signed copy of their FFL . MD Handgun purchasers must possess an HQ L L icense. MD R egulated Firearm purchases are being completed online as of Jan. 1, 2017. If you are a MD Resident w/an HQL please visit the MDSP Website to fill out your paperwork. This paperwork can be filled out in advance of your purchase. You will be provided a Pin #/Application # at the conclusion of filling out the paperwork. Questions can be addressed to the FFL Dealer, A & M A uctioneers, L L C at 410-835-0384. C ontact A uction C o. or view website for complete details. Pickup: We will be on site on Friday Night the 3th of February until the end of the Auction. (Approx. 10 PM). Items can be picked up at the Auction Site on Saturday the 4th of February from 9 A M - 12 Noon or the following week Monday February 6th – Friday Feb. 10th from 9 A M – 5 PM by A ppointment.