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Get Ahead of AC Issues with Preventative Maintenance

T&T Lanco Inc., Delaware

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The hottest day of the year is not when you want to find out your air conditioning isn’t working. That’s also probably when HVAC companies in the area are extra busy repairing or installing other people’s air conditioning too. Want to avoid this misery? Like many things in life, AC systems are only something you tend to notice when something goes wrong, but routine maintenance can help prevent expensive and inconvenient disasters.
How to prevent HVAC disasters
If you find yourself with an HVAC emergency on your hands, local business T&T Lanco Inc can help. But once the dust settles and all is well again, if you’re wondering how to avoid such disasters before they happen, T&T Lanco, Inc. can help with that too.
Things to check for your AC
Sometimes you may need to call in an expert, but some you can easily do yourself. This list may vary based on the type of AC you have. In general, however, here are some things you can check:
-Air Filter. A dirty air filter means lower air conditioning performance since the debris blocks air flow. So make sure your air filter is clean and replace periodically.
-Condensation. All air conditioning systems have a condensate drain. Check that the drain is working properly to prevent any property damage to your home. This is especially important if the indoor unit of the A/C system is in the attic or closet of your home where ceilings or floors can be damaged from water leaks.
-Outdoor Unit. Make sure the outdoor unit has no bushes, tall grass, dirt, or vegetation in contact with or around the unit. Air needs to flow through the coil and out the top of the unit while air conditioning is on. Keeping the unit free from any obstructions and debris keeps the unit working efficiently and prevents the risk of premature breakdowns.
If you regularly clean your air conditioner, before and during the hottest months of the year, you’ll be able to catch little problems before they become big, expensive ones. If you don’t know where to find any of the items on the list, not to worry. Call 302-500-2470 or book an appointment at and an expert at T&T Lanco Inc can come show you.
Commercial edge, local heart
T &T Lanco, Inc. brings commercial standards to residential service in Delmarva. T&T Lanco has existed as a commercial HVAC service since 1969. In 2019, owner Anthony Talys couldn’t find anyone to address an HVAC issue in his Delaware home, and he got the idea to make the operation’s excellence in HVAC service available to Delmarva’s residents. So T&T Lanco, Inc was born in April 2019 with the vision of bringing “industrial standards to residential service.”
The result is highly trained technicians. Robert Daub notes that T&T Lanco  emphasizes the training and competence of their technicians, all of whom are NATE and RSES certified. All technicians also complete 40 hours of training each year to keep their industry knowledge “on top of the curve.”
What’s more, T&T Lanco’s background in commercial services means they have a very high insurance policy. If anything happens when they’re servicing your home, their insurance has it covered. It’s also vulnerable to have someone come into your home, which is why T&T Lanco has all their employees FBI fingerprinted, background checked, and fully bonded. T&T Lanco technicians have deep technical competence but have also passed through these layers of security. It is important to T&T Lanco that you feel confident that the technicians coming into your home to make repairs are trustworthy and professional.
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