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Enjoy Fresh Seasonal Produce with a CSA Program

Delmarva’s Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs

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CSA programs offer a unique opportunity for individuals to connect with local farmers, support sustainable agriculture, and enjoy fresh, seasonal produce. By joining a CSA, members prepay a subscription fee before the growing season begins, and in return, they receive a regular share of the farm's harvest throughout the season.

Delmarva is home to a diverse range of CSA programs, each with its own unique offerings. From organic vegetables and fruits to herbs, flowers, and even meat and dairy products, CSA members can choose the program that best suits their needs and preferences.

By purchasing directly from the farm, members help to keep small-scale agriculture viable and contribute to the local economy. CSA programs also provide farmers with a reliable source of income, allowing them to invest in sustainable farming practices and ensure the long-term viability of their operations.


If you are looking for a way to support sustainable agriculture, eat fresh, seasonal produce, and connect with your local community, joining a CSA program is a great option. With a variety of CSA programs available on Delmarva, there is sure to be one that is right for you.


Here is a list of some of the CSA programs available on Delmarva:

Adkins Produce (Millsboro):: Fresh, locally grown produce to members weekly from June to October delivered to their homes or workplaces. To join, visit website or contact them by phone. Memberships are first-come, first-served. Millsboro.
Bright Spot Urban Farm (Wilmington): Bright Spot Urban Farm, founded in 2010, is a shining example of how urban farming can not only provide fresh, healthy produce but also serve as a hub for education, job training, and community gathering. To join the summer program, visit
Dittmar Family Farms (Dover, Felton, Lewes). Their CSA program allows customers to become members and receive a weekly share of seasonal produce harvested directly from the farm. To learn more visit
Eastview Farms (Frankford): Members receive weekly shares of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs, harvested at their peak of ripeness and delivered straight from the farm to a convenient pick-up location. For more information visit
Fifer Orchards (Wyoming, Dewey, Lewes): Memberships are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. To join the CSA program, visit
Filasky’s Produce (Middletown): has been providing the community with fresh, locally grown produce, farm-fresh eggs, and homemade baked goods since 1955. Their CSA program runs June-Sept.. See
Hattie’s Garden (Lewes): Members receive weekly shares of produce during the growing season, which typically runs from early June through late Oct. Each share is to include a variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers. To join visit
Highland Orchards (Newark & Wilmington): They offer a wide variety of fresh, in-season produce, as well as a variety of other products, including jams, jellies, and baked goods. Both locations are open to the public from early spring to late fall. Visit for information on the CSA programs.
Hopkins Brothers Produce (Lewes):  CSA program operates from June through Nov. with members receiving weekly or biweekly shares of seasonal produce harvested at the peak of freshness. Choose pickup locations in Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, and surrounding areas. To learn more about the CSA program, visit their website at
Magee Farms (Selbyville or Lewes): Offering a variety of produce, plants, and flowers, ensuring a delightful experience for customers. CSA customers receive a weekly or biweekly box of freshly harvested produce directly from the farm. To join or to learn more visit
Marvelous Produce (Seaford): Shop a wide array of seasonal produce, including apples, oranges, berries, carrots, tomatoes, and leafy greens. They also carry a selection of exotic fruits and vegetables for those looking to try something new. For the CSA program, sign up at
Penn Farm (New Castle): Members can choose from various CSA share options tailored to their preferences and household size. Program runs from June-August. For more information visit on the CSA share visit
Sassafras Farmstead (Georgetown & Frederica): A diversified organic farm offering a variety of farm shares or CSAs which allow members to receive a weekly box of fresh, seasonal produce throughout the growing season. For more information visit
The Farm Stand at the Givens (Laurel): Offering a wide variety of fresh, seasonal produce, as well as other locally-sourced products such as eggs, honey, and jams. CSA program provides members with a weekly share of fresh produce. See details at:
The Produce Peddler (Newark): They source their produce directly from local farmers and growers, ensuring that each item is meticulously inspected to meet their exacting standards. To receive a Harvest Box visit
Urban Acres Produce (Wilmington): Receive a weekly box of fresh, seasonal produce that is grown on the farm. The produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness and is delivered directly to the members' homes or workplaces. Also offers a variety of add-ons, such as eggs, honey, and flowers. To learn more visit
Blades Orchard (Federalsburg): They offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. In addition to their on-farm market, Blades Orchard also offers a CSA program. To sign up visit their website, or call them at 410-754-5522.
Nature's Garlic Farm (Easton): Nature's Garlic Farm offers a unique and flavorful experience with its CSA program. This program brings together individuals and families who are passionate about local, sustainable food and want to enjoy the freshest, most delicious garlic and other farm-grown produce. To join visit
Perennial Roots Farm (Accomac): Members of the CSA receive weekly or biweekly boxes filled with fresh, seasonal produce, eggs, and other farm products. To join the CSA program visit


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