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Discover Ocean City, Maryland

Top 5 Must-Do Activities for an Unforgettable Experience

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Ocean City, Maryland, situated along the picturesque Atlantic coastline, beckons visitors with its pristine beaches, vibrant boardwalk, and abundance of attractions. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, family-friendly fun, or simply looking to relax and soak in the coastal charm, Ocean City has something for everyone. Here are the top five must-do activities to add to your Ocean City itinerary:

Enjoy Fun in the Sun on Ocean City Beach:

No visit to Ocean City is complete without spending time on its beautiful sandy beaches. Stretching for miles along the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City Beach offers the perfect setting for swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, and water sports. Rent a beach umbrella and chairs or bring your own and spend the day lounging by the water's edge. Take a refreshing dip in the ocean, build sandcastles with the kids, or simply relax and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the shore.

Explore the Iconic Ocean City Boardwalk:

Take a leisurely stroll along the Ocean City Boardwalk, a beloved landmark brimming with entertainment, dining, and shopping options. Rent a bike or surrey and pedal your way along the wooden planks, soaking in the lively atmosphere and ocean views. Stop by the numerous arcades, amusement parks, and thrill rides for some family-friendly fun, or indulge in classic boardwalk treats like saltwater taffy, funnel cakes, and caramel popcorn. Don't forget to catch a spectacular sunset from the boardwalk's vantage points.

Experience Thrills and Excitement at Jolly Roger Amusement Parks:

For adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, a visit to Jolly Roger Amusement Parks is a must. With multiple locations throughout Ocean City, including Splash Mountain Water Park and Speedworld Go-Karts, Jolly Roger offers a wide range of attractions and activities for all ages. Brave towering water slides, race down high-speed go-kart tracks, or challenge your friends to a game of mini-golf. With rides, games, and attractions galore, Jolly Roger promises endless fun and excitement for the whole family.

Indulge in Fresh Seafood and Local Cuisine:

Ocean City is renowned for its delectable seafood and diverse dining scene. From casual beachfront eateries serving up freshly caught crabs and oysters to upscale restaurants specializing in gourmet cuisine, there's no shortage of culinary delights to tempt your taste buds. Savor mouthwatering Maryland crab cakes, steamed shrimp, and creamy clam chowder while enjoying panoramic views of the ocean. Be sure to sample local favorites like Old Bay-seasoned fries, crab dip, and seafood platters for an authentic taste of Ocean City.

Embark on a Dolphin-Watching Cruise:

Experience the magic of the Atlantic Ocean up close with a dolphin-watching cruise departing from Ocean City's marinas. Climb aboard a spacious boat or catamaran and set sail along the coastline in search of playful dolphins frolicking in the waves. Marvel at these magnificent marine mammals as they leap and swim alongside the boat, providing an unforgettable wildlife encounter. Many dolphin-watching cruises also offer informative narrations by experienced guides, providing insights into the area's marine ecology and wildlife conservation efforts.

In conclusion, Ocean City, Maryland, offers an abundance of exciting activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy, from sun-drenched beaches and bustling boardwalks to thrilling amusement parks and delectable dining options. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply looking to soak in the coastal charm, Ocean City promises a memorable vacation experience for the whole family.