The Guide - Geofencing

Unlock the Precision of Location-Based Advertising with Geofencing

Reach the right customers, at the right place, at the right time.

Unlock the potential of your market with our geofencing advertising solutions

Geofencing targeting offers precise and efficient targeting using GPS technology. It reaches users when they visit specific locations, such as competitor's stores, buildings, businesses, and events. Our advanced technology ensures that only the exact building of interest is targeted, resulting in no wasted advertising dollars.

An example would be to maximize a restaurant's potential by using advanced GPS technology to identify customers visiting your competitors. They could send them exclusive deals and offers on their phone to drive them back to the establishment. By tracking their return visits, you can easily measure the success of your strategy and calculate a significant return on investment.

Target Area

Target Locations + Buildings

We begin by identifying key areas of interest, such as target locations, competitor buildings, or places where your customers frequently visit. Utilizing our technology, we precisely outline these locations. When a person with a GPS-enabled phone enters one of these locations, they will be tagged and served targeted ads on their mobile device through thousands of brand-safe networks.

Creative + Design

Our design team will craft ads that speak directly to the targeted audience. This is what sets geofencing apart and makes it effective. The creative must be tailored to your niche and the specific locations you are targeting, in order to be successful.

Target Area

Tracking + Reporting

Our digital team will provide comprehensive tracking and analytics, including the number of people who have viewed and clicked on your ads. Furthermore, we can also track the number of individuals who have seen your ad and subsequently visited your physical location.