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What type of online banner ads do you offer?
We offer homepage banner and run of site (ROS) banner ads. Online ads can include a website link. Click here to find out more.
How much information can be within a banner ad?
Online banners look best with minimum information with a link directly to your website.
What information is required for banner ads?
Business information, contact information and website link.
How will I know if my ad is being viewed?
The Guide is a high traffic website. Your Marketing Specialist can provide a report of views your ad received, how many were printed, shared, etc.
When is the deadline for online advertising?
Deadline is Monday 1pm before scheduled Wednesday's publishing date.
Is there a minimum run required for online advertising?
No. There is no minimum.
Are there reduced rates for online advertising?
Yes. There are discounts for combined online and print advertising.
Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes, there will be a production cost fee of up to $200 (amount will be determined by remainder of weeks left on authorization).
Is theguide.com mobile friendly?
Yes. We have a responsive site which makes it mobile friendly. A quarter of our online readers utilize a mobile device while accessiing our website.
Do you use search engine optimization tools?
Yes. We use several social media platforms to utilize search engine optimization tools and email marketing strategies to increase traffic to our website.
Can I be assured that TheGuide.com is reaching the demographics that I need?
Yes. We have analytical information that we can provide answers to your questions. Contact your Marketing Specialist, 302-629-5060 or email info@theguide.com for more information.