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When is your Display Ad deadline?
The Guide's Display Ad deadline is 1:00 pm on Monday.
What is a Display Ad?
Display Ads are available in 4 different sizes and can be customized to include borders, logos, pictures, etc. Display Ads do not appear under a category/title in the classifieds but appear in designated display pages throughout the publication. Display Ad sizes are as follows: Full Page, 1/2 Page, 1/4 Page and 1/8 page. Click Here for Display Ad dimensions and specifications.
How much is a Display Ad?
Call our office at 302-629-5060 to talk with a Marketing Specialist.
Do I create my Display Ad or will you do it?
You have the option of creating your own Display Ad or one of our professional sales representatives can assist you.
How much information can I get in a Display Ad?
Our Marketing Specialists will work with you to determine working and/or photos to fit your ad size and marketing needs.
Does the price of a Display Ad include using my picture?
Yes, use of text and your photos is only limited by the size of your Display Ad.
Can someone come to my business to discuss a Display Ad?
Yes, we have Marketing Specialists available to meet with you to discuss your advertising needs. Call our office at 302-629-5060 to request an appointment.
How do I submit a display ad?
Ads can be emailed to info@theguide.com. Ads can also be faxed to 302-628-9207 as long as there are no pictures or artwork involved.
Will my display ad appear online?
Yes. Your display ad will appear online in our e-mag (digital edition) as well as on theguide.com homepage.
Can I have a website (URL) link with my online display ad?
Yes. Displays with URLs are linkable through our digital editions at theguide.com
Are there reduced rates for combination print and online banner advertising?
Yes. There are discounts for combined print advertising and online banner advertising.
Is the front cover, back cover and center spread available for purchase?
We required contracts on our Front Cover, Back Cover and Centerspread. Please call our office at 302.629.5060 to inquire about being placed on the waiting list  or if there is an existing opening.