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When is your Classified Ad deadline?
The Guide's Classified Ad deadline is 10:00 am on Tuesday.
Will my Classified Ad be in both The Guide East and The Maryland Guide, as well as on www.TheGuide.com?
Yes, all Classified Ads are in both printed editions and online.
How much is a Classified Ad?
Click here for our Classified Ad rates.
How can I pay?
In person, at our office, by phone, by mail or online when placing your order on www.TheGuide.com. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Payment can also be made on our on payment portal. Prepayment is required.
How many words are allowed in a Classified Ad line?
A Classified Ad line has 33 characters, typically representing 3-5 words per line. Characters represent the number of spaces used for letters, punctuation and spacing between words.
Are there any discounts for Classified Ads?
No, our Classified Ad rate is standard and is not discounted.
Does it cost more to place my Classified Ad in multiple categories?
Yes, Classified Ad pricing is standard and is based per ad/per category.
Can I cancel my Classified Ad if I sell the item?
Yes, you may cancel your Classified Ad, as long as you cancel before 10:00 am on the Tuesday before your scheduled Wednesday's publishing. We will refund or credit your account for the unused weeks.
What can I do to make my Classified Ad stand out?
There are various ways to enhance a Classified Ad. Most require a minimal additional charge: bolding important text, centering text to create focus, and purchasing blank lines/empty characters surrounding your text will help make your ad stand out.
Can I place a border around my Classified Ad?
No, Classified Ads are strictly line ads. Borders are allowed in our Display Ads. Call our office for Display Ad pricing if you would like a border around your ad.
Can you position my Classified Ad to be at the top of the page or first in its category? Also, when I have multiple ads within a category, can you guarantee they will not be clustered together?
No, all ad positions within a category are determined randomly by our computer software. Multiple ads are also positioned randomly. However, online classified ads with photos will be collectively located to the top of each category. ** Photos are for non-business purposes only.
When are online Classified Ads updated?
Online Classified Ads are updated every Wednesday morning, typically by 7:00 am.
Can I view an online Classified Ad from previous weeks?
No, only the current Classified Ads appear online.
Can I have my online Classified Ad's photo appear in the print edition?
No, classified photos are only available with your classified ad online. However, we do indicate in your print Classified Ad (by stating "See Internet Picture") that you have submitted a photo for your online Classified Ad.
Can I post only an online Classified Ad?
No, you must purchase a Classified Ad in The Guide in order for your ad to be posted, at no additional cost, in The Guide's online Classified Ads.
Can you tell me when my Classified Ad runs out?
You are responsible for monitoring your ad start and stop dates. Call us to review your ad schedule.
Are there special requirements for Gun (concealed weapons) Ads?
To advertise the sale of a concealed weapon The State of Delaware requires (1) completing a state approved form and (2) issuing an affidavit after the ad is run. We will issue the affidavit after the ad has been published. There is an additional $20 charge for issuing a notarized affidavit.
Can I sell a used Mattress?
There are no restrictions for selling used mattresses.
Do you have a section just for Trucks?
Not at this time. Trucks are posted under Automotive, unless another category is preferred.
To place a Daycare or Child Care Classified Ad, do I need to provide a copy of my license?
If you use the word "Licensed" in your ad, you need to provide us with a copy of your license. Our fax number is 302-628-9207. Please reference your name and the telephone number used to submit your ad.
Is there an additional fee for a web link within my classified ad?
Yes, the charge is $10 per web link.
Can I share my ad online after it is published in print and online?
Yes. We now have sharing features links such as Facebook and Twitter.
Can buyers browsing online contact me through my email?
Yes. If you have created a Guide web account and checked the box indicating you can be reached by email, buyers will be able to message you privately. Note: Buyers will not have access to your email address until you respond.
Can you notify me when my Classified Ad runs out?
Yes. We can send out an email reminder/alert when your ad is expiring.
Are items FREE to advertise in the classified "FREE" category?
Yes. There is no charge for FREE ads up to 3 lines of text. Every line after the 1st three is $1.50 ea. line, bolding extra. It must state that the item is "FREE" within the ad.
Can I sell live plants and flowers?
A Nursery License number is required within the ad. It is free to apply for a Nursery license through the State of Delaware. Click here for the Delaware license application and contact information. Maryland and Virginia residents contact your local Department of Agriculture for liscensing requirements. A copy of the license can be emailed to info@theguide.com or faxed to 302-628-9207.
What type of legal advertisements does The Guide publish?
Notice of Petition to Obtain Title to Abandoned Property, Notice of Public Sales, USDA Farm Service Notice of New Poultry Operations Established and Application for Concealed Carry permit notices.