The Guide - February 28, 2024

The G uide • 2-28-24 BUY HERE - PAY HERE • BUY HERE - PAY HERE BUY HERE - PAY HERE • BUY HERE - PAY HERE No Credit Check! 0% Interest! 0% Finance Charge! ‘12 ’15 CHEVY EQUINOX 4 to Choose - 3 Silver/1 White ‘15 FORD TRANSIT CARGO Red ‘13 GMC TERRAIN Black ‘15 CHEVY CRUZE Red ‘06 & ‘08 HONDA ELEMENT 2 to Choose - Brown/Green ‘11 CHEVY MALIBU Silver ‘17 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT Blue ‘14 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY Blue ‘07 & ‘09 TOYOTA CAMRY 2 to Choose - Silver/Green Contact us today to learn more! 302.629.5060 | Mobile phone marketing has been growing immensely. Take full advantage of its capabilities with GEOFENCING. It is a GPS technology to create customer audiences with pinpoint accuracy to target competitors, events, neighborhoods, or the proximity around your business. What is Geofencing? 50% OFF Today Only! Nearby at 123 Main Street What are the benefits of Geofencing? Pinpoint Targeting – Ability to reach people at the right time and at the right place with a relevant message. E ectiveness – Ability to target people that are interested in your products or services increases the probability of a sale tremendously. Data Collection – Can collect data metrics to help analyze your message e ectiveness, tra c patterns, and more. Personalize Customer Message – Ability to personalize your marketing to a specific area with a specific message or promotion. Advantage Over Competition – Ability to draw prospects away from the competition.