The Guide - May 29, 2024

T he G u ide • 5 -29 -24 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Improve your website’s visibility on search engines organically. The goal is to put your site on the rst page of a Google search. We o er on-site and o -site development to increase the quality and quantity of new website users. SOCIAL MEDIA Deliver your message to highly targeted audiences as they scroll through their social feeds, stories, recommended videos and more. WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT & HOSTING The base building block of any digital marketing e ort. Our customer websites are designed to be mobile optimized and SEO sound, routing online tra c to a digital storefront. OTT/CTV STREAMING Target the right audience with your video. CTV/Streaming allows your commercial to play on any connected TV device. You choose the audience and the geography. TO DISCUSS YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING GOALS Call: 302-629-5060 Email: Visit us: 24904 Sussex Highway Seaford, DE 19973 Call The Guide 302-629-5060 PAY PER CLICK (PPC) Generate leads from users who are actively seeking your products on search engines using paid search ads. We place your brand in front of organic search results, delivering ongoing key word research and campaign management. TARGETED DISPLAY Search is only 4% of internet tra c. Reach potential customers 96% of the remaining time as they browse websites and apps with targeted display. Targeted by demographics, browsing habits, interest and intent. GEOFENCING Using GPS technology, create custom audiences with pinpoint accuracy. Target competitors, events, neighborhoods or the proximity around your business. VIDEO AND PRODUCTION Create engaging video and audio content with our professional production team. We o er a competitive, high-quality package for any of your content needs. EMAIL MARKETING Email is one of the oldest digital tactics and also one of the most e ective. Deliver messages to your customers’ inboxes or reach new audiences through our database targeting interested users with over 700 lifestyle selects and interests. THE GUIDE CAN HELP YOU INCREASE SALES WITH DIGITAL MARKETING FULL-SERVICE MARKETING Strategy development from our team of digital experts to build campaigns with highly targeted audiences and measurable results in mind. ADAPTABLE, TRACKABLE MEASUREMENTS Digital marketing needs to bring driven results. Through platform insights and campaign tracking implementation, we provide ongoing reporting positioned to make data-driven optimizations and decisions. We’re agile in approach and direct in measurement. Monthly Reporting • Call Tracking • Conversion Tracking Website Analytics • Audience Insights