The Guide - October 5, 2022

The Guide • 10-5-22 OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, October PM - PM F U R N I TU R E Lg. pine dry sink, PA blanket pine chest, painted bucket benches, pine benches, early tool Eo[es, Hoosier caEinet w/ douEle flower Ein, sewing taEle, early painted cupEoard, 3arsons Eench, ¿ne and rare pie caEinet, drop leaI taEles, mission EooN shelI, stools, rocNers, pine cottage chest, tiger oaN Barrister EooN case, serpentine oaN stand, 9ictorian settee, (mpire sideEoard, oaN antique carved bed, pine 5 drawer bureau PR I N TS + OR I G I N A L A R T " Little Creek" by J ack Lewis, 7he '( Scene Ey -acN /ewis, sNetches oI early '( Ey 1ancy &hurchman Sawin, original water color 1egro Shanty &owgills &orner, 'elaware, 'elaware 'estiny Ey Randy Holland C OL L E C TI B L E S , C L OC K S , A G E D B OOK S + MOR E 3recious gems 1 Nt gold Mewelry, [ single a[le utility trailer, 1orman RocNwell Boy Scout ¿gurines, pu]]les, ¿rst aid Nits, early and e[tensiYe collection oI Boy Scouts oI America memoraEilia incl., slides, necNerchieIs, EooNs, patch awards, posters, mess Nits, 3hilmont collectiEles, riEEons, Iramed awards, uniIorms, Eelt EucN les, early scout handEooNs, Boy Scout toys in original Eo[es, Boy Scout awards and pri]es, Boy Scout proMector, 1oritaNe chi na, '( maps, Yery early 'elaware political Euttons, early '( cooNEooNs, Yolume set oI '( trees, '( collections History oI *eorgetown, '( , *oYernors oI '(, SlaYery Freedom in '(, Eiography oI '( Ey Reed, '( history EooNs, Eutter churn, early telephone, pie saIe, early wooden Earrels, huge lot oI primitiYes, early mi[ing Eowls, milN cans, tacNle, iron pry Ears, early gas pumps, wooden wash tuE gathering EasNets, coIIee grinders, gla]ed stoneware, school house clocN, early ceiling ¿[tures, antique hoEEy horse, &apital Mineral :orNs, 'oYer, '(, wooden adYertising cases, early toy train sets, oaN post oI¿ce Eo[es, coEEler s Eench, fla[ wheel, cracNer displays, lg. lot military EooNs, early adYertising rulers yardsticNs, ladies silN gloYes, linens laces, early quilts, early Erooms, dough Eoard, early Ioot stools, e[posed doYetail pine flower Eo[, Ros eYille pottery, Molasses :are, rocNing cradle, early 7inware, sleigh Eells, liIetime collection oI flat irons, wooden Eo[es, early lanterns, wooden pails, misc. Erass glassware, early iron ¿replace sets, lead ¿gures, Fle[iEle Flyer sled, Erass EucNets w/ rattail hinges, lg. lot oI conYerted lamps, powder flasNs incl. 'u3ont, hooN rugs, lot oI early Earware, adYertising crates, &ar niYal glass, 'epression glass, liIt top pine flower Eo[ on stand, pine Ieed Ein, cherry Melly cupEoard and much much more!